The one thing you need to know about drinking water


Want to be a top performer? Perhaps you just want to look great and feel healthy?

Then I’ve got some news for you: What you know about drinking water is dead wrong.

Drink when you’re thirsty

Tim Noakes, one of my favourite people in sports science, has challenged the conventional water wisdom.

In this short, 5-minute video, Tim reveals the science behind drinking water. I highly recommend it.

If you’re lazy and just want the one-liner here it is:

For top performance and health, drink when you’re thirsty.

Check out Tim’s book on the subject too.

Now I want to hear what you think

How much water do you drink in a day?

Regards from rainy Bergen.


rainy Bergen

NB: I’ve borrowed the water picture from here.

4 thoughts on “The one thing you need to know about drinking water

  1. Jackie

    I’ve always wondered, why should I drink when I’m not thirsty, my cat doesn’t.

    It again is about the industry selling you stuff in plastic bottles (my grandfather would of laughed at me buying water in the shops) and encouraging you to drink two litres a day, I believe the reason of encouraging is to help flush out when you’ve eaten so much carbs and sugar. No benefit to you at all. I totally believe in everything that this site has to say and even though I’ve had for many years a gut feeling that what I have been eating was unhealthy, it tasted good so I continued to believe that why would anyone want to make me I’ll. I’ve now been doing lchf for three months and feel free, free to eat how I was bought up. I don’t what to be another statistic of unhealthy humans during the last forty years. I want to be apart of the change.

    1. Bjarte Bakke Post author

      Thanks for your comment.

      Throughout my own life I’ve been told drinking lots of water is key. I’m glad there are people out there like Tim who are challenging the existing beliefs.

  2. Luke

    I have read Prof Tim Noaks book on the subject of drinking for endurance sports “Waterlogged”. The book is one of the best written and interesting books I have read. It shows with much detail and with good chapter summaries that we have been misinformed about how much to drink, what drinking water does and does not do. After reading the book I deleted all the apps on my phone that I used to record how much water I drink in a day. Now I simply drink when I am thirsty. Waterlogged is highly recommended.


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