How to get a face infection

face infection

I went to Yale University in the US last week for an executive training program sponsored by BearingPoint (the company I work for). Little did I know that I was going to return to Norway with a nasty face infection!

I arrived back in Norway feeling sick

On Saturday the 1st of February, two days earlier than I’d planned, I arrived back in Norway
feeling floored. That very evening my face started to swell. To my frustration the swelling
continued on Sunday. Kristina (my fiancé) and I went to the doctor Monday morning, got some antibiotics (which I for many health reasons don’t enjoy taking) and returned home.

Monday evening I built up a nice fever and night to Tuesday was both sleepless and very uncomfortable to say the least. The antibiotics didn’t seem to be working.

What was I going to do next?

Norwegian healthcare at its best

Kristina helped me to the doctor once again. The doctor immediately contacted the Emergency Unit at Ullevål hospital and I went there to undergo surgery.

I was impressed with the people at Ullevål hospital. What impressed me most was that highly analytical, knowledgeable people also had the deep emotional understanding that often business executives lack. It felt nice to not only have a technically gifted surgeon but one that made me feel relaxed and cared for too. I only remember her surname and in case she doesn’t want me to share it on the internet I won’t mention her name here. Contact me if you ever need a recommendation for a face surgeon.

The nurses were equally impressive; efficient, empathic and effective. I had three of them, one of which was my main one. Her first name was Marita and she treated me like I had been her best friend for years. Having Kristina around was of course very nice too. She always supports and prioritises me.

The surgery went fine and I was back home just a few hours later. Today, Wednesday, I went to the hospital to get the wound checked. It was healing as it should and I’m going back on Friday for another check-up. No one I’ve spoken to so far knows what caused the infection.

Even though the last few days have been a little tough, the experience of the Norwegian health care system has been great. I sincerely doubt there’s a place in the world that would have treated me better. For that, I am very, very grateful.

Thanks for helping me out Norway! :)


P.S. The two doctor visits, the surgery itself and the one check-up session cost me less than 700 NOK ($120). I don’t have any form of private medical insurance.

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  1. Martin

    I was eagerly awaiting your next post on stress but you are excused for posting on another topic since you have been ill! Get well soon as they say and best wishes sweden!


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