Travelling the world while researching


A while back I decided to travel the world again while researching various topics. To focus my attention on learning I had to stop doing the things that weren’t essential. Therefore, I’ve stopped blogging for a while, quit my management consultancy job, and put my various not-for-profit activities on hold.

Philosophy, behaviour and results

I’m currently researching and thinking about philosophy, human behaviour and how to create individual and organisational results. I love it.

The reason I like to travel while researching is that travelling provides me with lots of new sensory input. I feel this input allows me to understand things at a more fundamental level than if I was to stay home in Norway and it sparks my creativity. Additionally, I meet a lot of exciting people, learn about how different people live their lives, and get to make a large number of new, memorable memories.

My wife Kristina and I travel together. So far our travels has brought us to Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Congo, Belgium,  Malaysia (Borneo), Brunei, Taiwan, Japan, South-Korea, China, North-Korea and the Philippines. There’s still at least seven months left of the trip, lots more research to do and places to visit! I can’t wait :-)

I hope things are going well with all of you out there and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you when the time is right. I do enjoy reading your comments and emails and I hope you accept that my replies will take more time than usual.

Take care and regards from the Philippines!


6 thoughts on “Travelling the world while researching

    1. Bjarte Bakke Post author

      Hi Bob,

      I think that depends on who you compare me to. It’s kind of a private question, but compared to nearly everyone not living in the “western” part of the world the answer is yes. However, if your comparison is the “western” part of the world the answer is no. I generally earn a good salary and I’m quite good a living “low-cost”. This enables me to save and then spend my time on what’s most important to me.

      Take care Bob,


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