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Success doesn’t lead to happiness, but being happy improves performance

Ted shawn“If I work harder, then I’ll be successful. When I’m successful, then I’ll be happy.”

This formula for happiness is broken and backwards according to Shawn Achor, the winner of over a dozen distinguished teaching awards at Harvard University.

Check out his excellent 12 minute TED-talk.

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Nobody ever told you but I will: Your view of success is dead wrong!










Do you want to become successful? Do you spend your time trying to succeed in the world? Then look at people like Mel Gibson, Rihanna and Donald Trump. They have worked hard. They have lots of cash. And they are widely recognized.

They are crystal clear examples of success, right?

I couldn’t disagree more. In fact, I don’t see why these guys are any more successful than you or me.

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The key skill you need to build great relationships in life









Do you hide your weaknesses, feel the need to impress and often adjust the truth to sound more exciting to others? If you are, you’re making some serious mistakes.

Your relationships is one of the four most important things in life and making these mistakes has a significant negative impact on your ability to connect with others. What can you do differently?

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Video of my 5 minute presentation “The 4 Most Important Things in Life” from the Stoos Leadership Conference

2008 Bjarte business bilde høy kvalitet










Last month I went to Amsterdam to participate and speak at the Stoos Connect Leadership Conference. It was a great event. The video of my presentation is up and you can check it out here: Some of the other speakers were Daniel Pink, Roger L. Martin, Stephen Denning, Jaap Peters, Jurgen Apello and other people. Check out the full speaker list here: and all the videos here: