How to Find Your Doing-Good Idea

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I dream of a world where people everywhere are solving problems to the benefit of all life – a world where humans are Doing Good.

Reality today is different – nearly all of us are wasting away at the office, selling sugar water, lobbying for big oil companies or giving legal advice. Yuck.

Why aren’t there more Elon Musks out there?

Because to Do Good, you need an idea you’re passionate about. Here’s how to find one.

Below is a tool that makes it simpler for you to find a doing-good idea.

It has three parts:

1. Choose a topic of interest. In this part you identify a topic you’re interested in and passionate about. Click here to learn more about this part.
2. Explore the topic. Here you dive into the topic you chose. Now you brainstorm possible people you would like to help, what their problems might be, what emerging technologies might help you solve their problems, how people are
already solving similar and related problems and, finally, you brainstorm potential product ideas. You prioritize and select a product idea and move on to the final page of the tool. Click here to learn more about this part.
3. Explore product ideas. Here you dig deeper into your chosen product idea. What could both the ultimate and the simplest possible product be? The ultimate product will make you excited and enable you to see the big picture, while
the simplest possible product will be something you can build and test right away. Click here to learn more about this part.

How to use the tool

The tool is very simple. Just download the tool here and print it out in A3-format.

Choose your topic of interest, use the tool to brainstorm product ideas, take action and be aware of the feedback you get from yourself and from the world as you act.

Do you feel inspired? Is it easy to invest effort? Are potential customers excited? If not, choose another topic and go through the process one more time. You don’t need to follow the order we have suggested and feel free to skip back and forth between questions.

The key advice is to follow your inspiration.

After using the tool, please drop us a few sentences about what was good and what was bad about the tool.

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