is our ability to interact with, and experience, the world.

Unfortunately, the time we have to live is short; less than than 0,00000001% of the time the world has existed.

Worse, we only live once. You will never again be born, make your first friend and grow up as you.

These truths can be either scary or inspirational. Perhaps we should ask ourselves:

  • Are we living in a way that reduces or increases the time we have in this world?
  • Are we spending our time right?

Maybe it’s worth doing the most out of the little time we have here in this universe.
Wanting to live a great life isn’t weird. It’s the most natural desire there is.

If you’re interested in living a great life, the article on The Four Most Important Things In Life is a great way to get started.

Enjoy the journey.


3 thoughts on “Life

  1. Rob

    I find the biggest thief of the “time we’re given to interact with this beautiful world” is the tendency to not interact with the world but rather to give so much time to internal, unproductive, pointless, banal thinking. How do you manage this?

  2. Naval

    I have read your many other other posts. Almost all are good.
    But I have a serious question for my life . I have a problem I can only concentrate on one thing I.e if I study hard I’ll be a great person but it lacks joy in me.
    If I enjoy I can’t work hard(study) . As I am a teenager I have been confused in this question from last 4 years.
    So is becoming a great person more important or enjoying life in life’s every moment, every place is more important.
    Please tell your views on it. Maybe the answer you give will change my life ?

    1. Bjarte Bakke Post author

      I think both are important. For me, an ideal life consists of three parts: Feeling Good, Being Good (so that others feel good), and Doing Good (making the world a better place).


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